What Is The Main Purpose Of Planned Parenthood?

Planned Parenthood

Planned Parenthood is the trusted provider of health care, the informed educator, the passionate advocate, and the global partner assisting similar organizations all over the world. It offers various reproductive health services to men and women, including the birth control, pap smears, STD/STI screenings, breast exams and also other screenings which can catch fibrosis, cancer, or other vital health concerns.

Planned Parenthood is only the health care which poor women receive the services. It has low cost or free exam when you want to see the doctor and receive basic tests which may indicate the requirement for more broad care outside for the gynecological field. It also provides the basic first aid, ongoing management and well care of things like diabetes sugar tests, high blood pressure, and the elder checkups who have been trapped by the disaster like that of Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. The question comes, what is the main purpose of Planned Parenthood? Here is their main purpose.

Providing trusted community health care

Planned Parenthood is most trusted in offering reproductive health care. Their skillful and professionals health care is devoted to offering different people with affordable and high-quality medical care.

The heart of the Planned Parenthood is so much to the local community where about 56 unique and locally governed affiliates nationally operate on 600 health centers and more than reflect various needs of the communities.

The health centers provide a wide range of reliable, safe health care and preventive care that helps to prevent the unintended pregnancies through the contraception, reducing the spread of the STIs through a test and treatment, screen for the cervical and also other cancers.

Nurse practitioners, caring physicians, and other staffs take time while talking with the clients, inspiring them to ask the questions in the environment which millions of people have to trust them.

Informing and also educating the community

The Planned Parenthood is the respected leader which educate Americans about reproductive and sexual health. They deliver broad sex education which empowers different people to make the right choices and lead healthy lives.

They are proud of their vital role when providing the young people with the honest relationship and sexuality information online and in classrooms to assist in reducing the alarmingly high rate of the and sexually transmitted infections and unintended teen pregnancies.

Planned Parenthood affiliates offer educational and outreach programs to 1.5 million adults and young people yearly.

Leading reproductive health and the rights movement

On online and campuses, in courts and statehouses, in the media, and community settings, Planned Parenthood is the visible and the passionate advocate for the policies which enable Americans to get comprehensive sexual and reproductive health care, information, and education.

Whether talking to the members of the Congress, faith leaders, parents, or arguing the case before the U.S. High Court, Planned Parenthood fight for the commonsense policies which promote the health of women, allowing individuals to prevent the unintended pregnancies through access to cheap contraception, and also protect health of the young people by offering them with full sex education.

It has 12 million supporters, activists, and donors nationally. The Action Network of Planned Parenthood enables the online activists in 50 states to be on top of issues and be involved with the campaigns which advance and also protect the rights and health of women.

This Action Fund is the independent, not-for-profit, nonpartisan, organization formed as advocacy and the political arm of the Planned Parenthood Federation for America. Fortifying the commitment to protect the health of women, educate the teens, and prevent the unintended pregnancies, The Action Fund also engages in an electoral and educational activity which include public education campaigns, legislative advocacy, and grassroots organizing.

Advancing global health

Too many individuals who are all over the world, access to the vital reproductive and sexual health information and care is actually blocked by lack of basic services, poverty, or war and politics. Planned Parenthood works together with the local partners in Latin and Africa America to overcome all these barriers by adding access to health education and care.

They also nurture the local leadership, foster sustainable health, and the education program and also fight for the legal, social, and political improvements to the communities all over the world.

The Planned Parenthood Global advocates for the sound of the U.S. foreign policies which improve the reproductive and sexual health and the well-being of families and individuals globally.

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